Royal Enclosure



The origins of the Royal Enclosure can be traced back to 1807 when an area was reserved exclusively for family, guests and the Household of King George III to view the first running of the Gold Cup. The Royal Enclosure as we know it today was established in the mid-nineteenth century when the Emperor of Russia, Nicholas I, visited Ascot for the first time as a guest of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. The concern raised from an impromptu descent into the Winners’ Enclosure by the Emperor, the King of Saxony and Prince Albert to examine the winner of the Queen’s Vase, prompted authorities to enclose the area in front of the Royal Stand in 1845. Excluding the Royal Stand, this area immediately became the most exclusive part of the racecourse.


We are currently in the process of dispatching all Royal Enclosure digital admission passes. Please note, digital admission passes belonging to orders for separate days of attendance, or placed in separate bookings, may arrive at different times. All digital admission passes should be received by Thursday 13th June. For orders placed after 13th June, digital admission passes will be received within 24hrs.
If you have not received your Royal Enclosure badges by Friday 14th June, you will be able to collect them on site upon arrival on your day of attendance. Collections will be available from either Car Park 1 Ticket Office, or Ticket Office West. Please bring your booking confirmation and photo ID with you.
After Monday 10th June; If you wish to request a badge name change for an existing booking, please bring the badge to be amended, along with your original booking confirmation, to Car Park 1 Ticket Office, or Ticket Office West, on arrival and the Royal Enclosure Office will be happy to assist you in making this change on the day.
Postal dispatch of new orders will end on Tuesday 11th June. Any orders placed after this date will be available for collection on the day from either Car Park 1 Ticket Office, or Ticket Office West. 

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If you are a current Royal Enclosure Member, please read the below information. Valid from 16/11/2023

This year, we have implemented a new online booking system for Royal Enclosure badges which, makes administration much simpler for you as Members and for the Royal Enclosure Office.

Members were informed of their new Membership number via email in November 2023. If you have not received an email containing your new Royal Enclosure Membership number, please contact the Royal Enclosure Office. Please use your new membership number to activate your account.

Please find details below on how to complete the activation of your account. This will need to be completed in advance of purchasing badges.

We look forward to welcoming you to Royal Ascot this year.

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To book badges for Royal Ascot 2024, you are required to activate your account in advance.

Please note that bookings opened as usual in January with the Royal Meeting taking place between 18 – 22 June.

We do appreciate that not everyone is familiar with such systems and so we will maintain the very important personal service to all Members by phone and email, should you need any assistance during this transitional stage.

Activating Your Account
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Going forward, you will now be able to manage your account online via your membership profile.