Windsor & Ascot RDA Launch Virtual Balloon Race to Raise Funds

Details as follows:
  • Lift off is from St Petersburg, Russia on 1st May 2021 at 12noon. To enter, visit their Race page here 
  • Buy as many balloons as you like FOR JUST £3, or gift one to a friend. 
  • This eco-friendly online balloon race lasts 7 days. You can change your balloon’s parameters, make it bigger or smaller, make the latex thicker or thinner to help you win! And you can decorate your balloon too. 
  • Track your balloon on Google maps using satellites 24/7 - the outcome of the race is influenced by information from real weather satellites, in real-time!

1st Place: £500
2nd Place: Apple iPad
3rd Place: £10 Book Tokens for the next 10 fastest balloons. 

You’ll be competing against supporters of other charities for the main prizes but WAGD have a small prize for their balloon that travels the furthest.

Sounds like some great family fun...