Special Conditions F - Contractors, Trades and Exhibitors 31




32.1 These Special Conditions F apply to all Attendees who are not permitted to enter the Racecourse under any of the other Special Conditions but who have been permitted by ARL to carry on a trade, advertise, distribute leaflets or conduct any other commercial or promotional activities on the Racecourse which would otherwise be prohibited by Condition 6.
32.2 Only those Attendees who have been granted express written permission by us to enter the Racecourse on the basis of these Special Conditions F (a Commercial Authorisation) shall be entitled to do so (Authorised Commercial Attendees). All Attendees wishing to obtain Commercial Authorisation must apply to us well in advance of the date of the fixture on which they wish to carry on a commercial or promotional activity. We shall be entitled to take a reasonable period to assess and respond to any such request and to negotiate and agree the terms of any Commercial Authorisation.
32.3 These Special Conditions F apply whether or not an Authorised Commercial Attendee holds a badge, PASS Card or other entitlement to enter the Racecourse.

33 Entitlement to Carry on a Trade, Advertise, Distribute Leaflets and Conduct other Commercial or Promotional Activities
33.1 We will grant all Commercial Authorisations in writing. Only written Commercial Authorisations will be valid and binding upon us.
33.2 All Authorised Commercial Attendees must produce satisfactory evidence of the Commercial Authorisation upon demand. We reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to expel, any Authorised Commercial Attendee who does not produce such evidence when asked to do so.
33.3 All Authorised Commercial Attendees granted access to the Racecourse under these Special Conditions F must hold and maintain, or their employers must hold and maintain, comprehensive and adequate public liability insurance with a reputable insurer on industry standard terms to cover a reasonable level of liability for any claim for which they may become liable as a result of any loss or damage which they cause whilst present on the Racecourse. We reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to expel, any Attendee admitted under these Special Conditions F who does not produce satisfactory evidence of such insurance on demand or within such period as we may determine.
33.4 Authorised Commercial Attendees must wear any form of identification issued by us to identify them as Authorised Commercial Attendees and will return any such identification upon request.
33.5 Authorised Commercial Attendees may only carry on the commercial activity expressly referred to in the relevant Commercial Authorisation and no other commercial activity. We reserve the right to limit the physical areas on the Racecourse where an Authorised Commercial Attendee may carry on commercial activity and to specify the times at which he or she may do so. We further reserve the right to make changes to the scope and other terms of any Commercial Authorisation where reasonably required for the smooth and safe operation of the Racecourse and to minimise disruption or annoyance to other Attendees.
33.6 Where we require Authorised Commercial Attendees to do so, you will demonstrate the trade and/or provide samples of the products, leaflets, advertising or other commercial or promotional materials you wish to distribute at the Racecourse. Where we grant a Commercial Authorisation to carry on a particular trade or distribute a particular product or material the relevant Authorised Commercial Attendee will ensure that the actual trade, product or material will conform with any demonstration or sample you have provided to us in advance. We shall be entitled to refuse entry to, or to expel, any Attendee where this requirement is not met.
33.7 All trades and other commercial or promotional activities carried on at the Racecourse on the terms of any Commercial Authorisation shall be carried on at the risk and liability of the relevant Authorised Commercial Attendee. We shall have no liability for any such trade, commercial or promotional activity. However, we shall be entitled to require an Authorised Commercial Attendee to reimburse us on an indemnity basis for any losses, liabilities, costs, claims or expenses we suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with any trade, commercial or promotional activity carried on by that Authorised Commercial Attendee.