Special Conditions A - Participants in Racing



21 Scope of Special Conditions A

21.1 These Special Conditions A apply to all Attendees who are actually involved in racing at a particular fixture whether as racecourse officials including but not limited to British Horseracing Authority officials, racehorse owners, trainers, jockeys, medical professionals, veterinary or other animal care or welfare professionals, assistants to any of the foregoing, stable staff, drivers or other Attendees fulfilling comparable roles directly related to the business of racing on the relevant day (Racing Professionals).
21.2 These Special Conditions A apply whether or not a Racing Professional Attendee holds a badge, PASS Card or other entitlement to enter the Racecourse.


22.1 Where your entry to the Racecourse is by PASS Card you must show your PASS Card at the PASS entrance to collect your day badge allocation, which is non-transferable.
22.2 Where appropriate, your PASS Card and/or badge will entitle you to access to the owners' and trainers' facilities at the Racecourse, the Parade Ring and the Winners' Enclosure. Racing Professionals will be granted access to the different areas of the Racecourse depending upon the role of the relevant Racing Professional, as we determine.
22.3 All Attendees (which for the purposes of this condition also includes horses) are reminded that many races and fixtures are given coverage on television, radio and in print and various other forms of media. By entering the Racecourse Attendees are accepting they and/or their horse(s) may appear in such coverage which may also include printed or electronic material used for the promotion of the Racecourse.
22.4 Accordingly, Attendees shall have no right to object to, or demand any payment is respect of, their and/or their horse(s) inclusion in any such coverage whether produced by ARL or by third parties authorised by ARL. Furthermore by entering the Racecourse each Attendee consents to the passing of still or moving images of them to third parties authorised by ARL for the purposes of the production of printed or electronic material to be used solely for the promotion of the Racecourse, in line with our privacy policy, which is available here.
22.5 Each Attendee will give any additional consents or waivers required for the unrestricted lawful use of any coverage (if any) without request for payment or imposing any other conditions.
22.6 All Racing Professionals granted access to the Racecourse under these Special Conditions A must hold and maintain, or their employers must hold and maintain, comprehensive and adequate public liability insurance with a reputable insurer on industry standard terms to cover a reasonable level of liability for any claim for which they may become liable as a result of any loss or damage which they cause whilst present on the Racecourse. We reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to expel, any Attendee admitted under these Special Conditions A who does not produce satisfactory evidence of such insurance on demand or within such period as we may determine.