“Applicable Law” means all laws, statutes, rules, regulations and other instruments applicable to any Attendee’s attendance on the Racecourse;

“ARL” “the Executive” “we” “us” means Ascot Racecourse Limited;

“Attendee” “you” means any person entering the Racecourse for any purpose including attending a Meeting or other Event;

“BHA” means the British Horseracing Authority;

“BHA General Instructions and Orders and Rules of Racing” the documents of that name issued by the BHA from time to time, together with any other regulations issued by the BHA which apply to Attendees at the Racecourse;

“Broadcast Partners” means ARL’s broadcast partners from time to time;

“Commercial Partners” means ARL’s commercial partners from time to time;

“Communications Device” means any camera, video equipment, tablet, laptop and other computer equipment, mobile telephone and other telecommunication device capable of capturing, recording  and/or transmitting audio, visual and/or audio-visual content;

“Conditions” means these conditions governing entry onto the Racecourse, as amended by ARL from time to time;

“Event” meant any event, other than a Meeting, taking place at the Racecourse;

“Force Majeure” means any event beyond the reasonable control of ARL such as, but not limited to, war, acts of terrorism, civil disturbance, any order or act of a governmental or regulatory body, fire, flood, severe adverse weather conditions, labour dispute, lock-out, disease, epidemic or other circumstances concerning the healthcare or well-being of humans and/or animals

“Meeting” means any race meeting staged at the Racecourse;

“Minor” means any Attendee aged under 18 years on the relevant Raceday;

“Prohibited Articles” means knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, drinking glasses, bottles or other glass or similarly breakable containers, cans, flags, banners and other similar articles , poles and any other article that might be used as a weapon and/or may in ARL’s reasonable opinion compromise public safety; laser pens or pointers, helium balloons (outside of designated parts of the hospitality areas), musical instruments and such other items as ARL deems should be prohibited from time to time;

“Race” means any horse race forming part of a Meeting;

“Race Material” means audio, visual and/or audio-visual content and/or any data or information concerning or relating to any Race, fixture or other Race-related activity at the Racecourse including the running of any race itself, all activities involving the preparation of any horse or jockey for any Race, the parading of any horse in the Parade Ring or Pre-parade ring, any activity in the Weighing Room, the Stewards' Room, the Sampling Unit, the Racecourse Stables, the Judges' Box, the Winners' Enclosure and the Racecourse Data Collection Area, any information relating to runners and riders, conditions (including going and weather conditions), silk colours, weights, changes to racecards, betting odds (including on-course betting odds and other betting related information), starting information, in-race information, race results and the results of any enquiry;

“Racecourse” means Ascot Racecourse, comprising the racecourse itself and all surrounding land, car parks and other facilities which are under the ownership and/or control of ARL;

“Raceday” means any day on which racing takes place at the Racecourse;

“Royal Meeting” means the annual Royal Ascot Race Meeting;

“Safety Officer” means ARL’s appointed safety officer in respect of each Raceday and/or his/her designated alternate;

“Special Conditions” means those terms and conditions, additional to these Conditions, which relate to the particular purpose, if any, of any Attendee including, without limitation, Participants in Racing / Racing Professionals, Media Contractors and Licensees, Photographers, Press, On-Course Bookmakers, Contractors, Traders and Exhibitors;

“Ticket” means any ticket, badges, Privileged Access Swipe System (PASS) cards, or other entitlement to enter the Racecourse from time to time;

“Trading” means trading, advertising, distributing materials or conducting any other commercial or promotional activities.