Royal Ascot Picnics

Royal Ascot

Please note that picnics are permitted in the Windsor and Heath Enclosures only. Queen Anne Enclosure, Village Enclosure and Royal Enclosure guests are welcome to enjoy a picnic in car and coach parks (see below).

If you purchase a picnic from Ascot Racecourse, the price of our picnics do not include admission to the racecourse - picnics have to be collected from inside the racecourse, therefore, you will need to also have an admission ticket.  Please do not purchase a picnic ticket unless you have an admission ticket, as picnics tickets are non-refundable and admission sells out prior to the event on most days. Picnics must be brought to the racecourse in a picnic hamper or cool bag/box. Picnics must be brought in at the time of entry to the enclosure and not on re-entry.

If you are coming with a large group and your picnic and Sparkling Wine or Champagne is divided among your hampers, please all arrive together (please see our alcohol policy below).  Otherwise individuals arriving with more alcohol than food will have to dispose of the excess alcohol. Sharp bladed kitchen knives will not be permitted.

No food, drinks or snacks are permitted to be brought into the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure or Village Enclosure.