Park Lane Stables – a Heart-Warming Story of Generosity

Park Lane Stables – a Heart-Warming Story of Generosity

Park Lane Stables RDA (Riding for the Disabled), a small charity providing much-needed therapy and happiness to hundreds of local children and adults with (and without) disabilities/ mental health challenges every year based within the Teddington community faced closure this May…

Their landlord had decided not to renew their lease as he wanted to sell the property and the only way the stables could remain in situ was for the charity to purchase the land from the landlord at a cost of £1 million.

Although a near impossible goal, the charity launched a crowd fundraising page and set about raising awareness for their cause.  In addition to support from the equine & racing community (including Ascot Racecourse), local resident Rob Brydon brought their plight to the nation via an appeal on BBC Breakfast.  As soon as the programme had aired, their phones were ringing off the hook and the postman started delivering daily bundles of handwritten letters, cards and cheques.  By 11am they had reached their £1million target and knew their future was secure.  To date, over 31,000 people have supported the charity...

The icing on the cake has been a letter received from Colonel Toby Browne, the Crown Equerry.  Writing on behalf of HM The Queen, who, on hearing of the amazing success of the campaign, has extended an invitation for some of the stable team and volunteers to visit The Royal Mews to see how they look after and manage their horses  – Royal Approval indeed! 

The charity are now taking professional and legal advice to secure the purchase of the stables plus a new grazing field … With the money they have saved from the cost of the lease, they are also now able to provide more lessons at a subsidised rate and invest in vital therapy equipment – all in all a fairytale come true.