Sunflower Lanyards to assist guests with invisible disabilities

Sunflower Lanyards to assist guests with invisible disabilities

11th Jun 2019
Ascot Racecourse is introducing hidden disability lanyards at the Royal Meeting next week, following the successful introduction of the concept at organisations such as Sainsbury's, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

The sunflower is recognised as a symbol of hope in mental health and has been adopted as a way for venue representatives to identify visitors who may need assistance.

Joanna Wales, Head of Operations at Ascot Racecourse, said: "There has been a real drive to include those with all manner of hidden disabilities at the races of late, whether relating to social anxieties, phobias, depression, dementia or autism. This list isn't exhaustive by any means.

"Looking after our all our visitors and doing whatever we can do to assist, is high on our agenda at Ascot. We have produced an Accessibility Map & Guide and are reproducing Royal Ascot race cards in large format for those who are visually impaired."

Sara Marchant, Accessibility Manager from Gatwick, described the success of the project from their perspective by adding: "Since we have been using the lanyards, people tell us that they feel much more confident and that they know they will get any additional help they may need."
Guests at Royal Ascot can register in advance for a lanyard by visiting the accessibility page - or they can be collected at any entrance or on the mobility transport that is provided from the car parks.