Royal Ascot at Home Poem unveiled

Royal Ascot at Home Poem unveiled

16th Jun 2020
Henry Birtles, the Racing Poet, has penned a new poem specifically to celebrate this year’s unique Royal Meeting.

The poem, which is released on Day 1 of the first ever Royal Meeting to be held behind closed doors, is also accompanied by a video featuring some well known faces and can be read and viewed below.

It may not be the same, from much we now refrain
And though we long for normal times to come around again
Our challenge is adapting to hold onto what we treasure
Our norms, our fun, our everydays,  
The things that make us…US, our ways 
Our business and our pleasure

It may not be the same, it will not be the same, 
But June is here, the skies are clear, it’s Racing’s time again
Royal Ascot goes ahead, for once behind closed doors 
It’s thumbs up time, our sport proceeds
The champion Jockeys, Noble Steeds, 
Assembled for The Cause

Positive’s the byword; looking forward, it’s unique
It will not happen every year, this one-off Ascot Week
It’s screen time, Twitter, Facebook, the old telly, Insta, Zoom
Remotely party with your friends
Bring what you can, the odds and ends
And decorate the room

StyledWithThanks, the Hashtag, is a calling to our nation, 
To honour those who help us, through a form of celebration
To tell them that we won’t forget, for them we must campaign 
We’ll stay indoors, tune in and cheer
We’ll drink to now and pray next year, 
We’ll hit the track again

But now is now and now is here, a virtual life existence
Two metres is the guideline, our ordered social distance
So let us find it in ourselves, tear up your normal plans
Enjoy it all, as if you’re there, 
Glad rags and hats, good times to share
As Royal Ascot Fans

Our thanks goes to Henry Birtles, The Racing Poet and HBA Media. Henry has written this poem specifically to celebrate this year’s unique Royal Meeting.