Fortnum & Mason picnics at Royal Ascot

Fortnum & Mason picnics at Royal Ascot

18th May 2018
Fortnum & Mason will once again be showcasing their stunning picnic selections at Royal Ascot in June.

For over 300 years Royal Ascot has established itself as a national institution and the centerpiece of the British social calendar. Meanwhile, over at Fortnum’s, they began trading in 1707 and have been striving for the same levels of excellence that have made us synonymous with timeless good taste ever since. 

So if you’re headed to Royal Ascot this year, why not keep it quintessentially British and book a Fortnum & Mason Picnic Hamper? 

All the picnics are presented in a reusable cool bag or hamper which includes glasses, cutlery and napkins – so there’s no need to worry about bringing any of that with you. 

A Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper at Royal Ascot, not only means you’re free to choose the perfect sunny spot, it also ensures you stay close to the action and won’t miss a moment of the Royal Ascot atmosphere.

Choose to book a Fortnum & Mason picnic for your visit to Royal Ascot and you’re not tied to any timings and can eat whenever suits you. There’s also the added ease of simply collecting it when you arrive and are ready.

The Front Lawns

For the real thrill of the race, an action-packed spot.

Lay your picnic blanket here for:
Some serious trackside atmosphere as the races unfold
Superb views of the track and the winning post – we’re not overplaying it, the views here are fab
Bench seating situated trackside the length of the Grandstand
Great access to bookmakers – to collect your winnings, of course…
Excellent views of Windsor forest and great park in the distance

Brigadier Gerrard Lawn

A great base, with a majestic view.

Lay your picnic blanket here for:
Location of the main picnic collection point for the Queen Anne Enclosure and Royal Enclosure – in other words, you can eat and be back on your feet for a mosey around in no time
Positioned at the west end of the grandstand overlooking the Horses cooling off area, as well as direct views down the horsewalk onto the track
Great view for the Royal Procession as the queen passes by (just inches away in her carriage), as she enters the Parade ring

Grundy & Bustino Lawn

A real hidden gem, generally less crowded than other areas.

Lay your picnic blanket here for:
Located next to the Old paddock next to the owners and trainers facility
Overlooking the pre-parade ring, get the first glimpse of the runners and witness the last minute prep before they enter the parade ring
Watch the winners return to the parade ring
Great access to both the Queen Anne Enclosure or the Royal Enclosure
Village Enclosure

The heart of the racecourse, with lots to see and do.

Lay your picnic blanket here for:
Full access in the village enclosure to roam and enjoy your picnic in the seating areas on the trackside stepping’s
Great views of the grandstand and the track
Enjoy your picnic whilst listening to live music from one of the stages or the Village green bandstand

All Fortnum & Mason Picnic Feasts must be ordered in advance of your visit, via the Ascot website. We will deliver your fresh hamper on the day of your visit and make sure it’s ready for you to collect from the designated pick-up points.