Memberships - Terms & Conditions



The below Terms & Conditions relate to the following Membership groups:

· Iron Stand
· King Edward VII
· Queen Anne Annual
· Queen Anne

Royal Ascot Racing Club Members are kindly asked to refer to their Rules & Bye-Laws, which are located in their Membership information booklet.

By purchasing a Membership, Members agree to be (and will be) bound by the Terms and Conditions of Entry. Please note that Conditions 2.2, 2.7, 2.8, 4.6, 14.2 and 14.3 of the General Conditions shall not form part of your Terms and Conditions of Entry.


  • Guests may only attend with an existing Member. There will be a limited number of guest badges available and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once guest capacity has been reached, a Member will be unable to have the opportunity bring a guest.

  • As the host Member, we ask that you are responsible for ensuring that your guests behave in an appropriate manner to which is expected of Memberships at Ascot Members. Guests should fully comply with the Terms & Conditions of the Memberships, including the relevant dress code, to ensure that there is no embarrassment or exclusion on the day. 
  • Members will also need to ensure their guests comply with the Terms and Conditions of Entry.

  • We cannot provide any refunds or credits for non-attendance of guests.


Babies and children under the age of 10 are not permitted in any of the Ascot Memberships areas.

Badges & Refunds

  • ARL may find it necessary from time to time to abandon or cancel any Event, Meeting and/or Race, any time, whether on its own election, for reasons of Force Majeure or in accordance with directions from the BHA and any successor body, the police or other emergency services. On the rare occasion that this may lead to Ascot Racecourse Limited abandoning a raceday, no refund (pro-rata or otherwise) would be due to the Members of any Membership group.
  • Memberships shall not be purchased or otherwise obtained from or through any person, commercial agent or otherwise than directly via the Ascot Racecourse website. Memberships and/or any entrance under a membership badge must not be given, used as prizes or incentives, sold or advertised for sale by any means.
  • Members must wear their own metal badge, and metal badges must not be worn by anyone other than the named Member. Members must be able to show photographic identification, if requested.

Digital Tickets

  • Digital tickets will be sent via email to each Member at the beginning of their Membership. It is the person’s responsibility to keep the digital ticket in an accessible place to show before entry into the Racecourse.
  • Lost and Forgotten Badges
  • Please keep your Metal Badges and digital tickets in a safe place. Lost or forgotten Metal badges or digital tickets can be replaced on the day by visiting Ticket Office West or by contacting [email protected] prior to a raceday. There is a replacement fee of £25 for each Member wishing to replace a lost metal badge.

Dress Code

  • Memberships at Ascot adhere to the Ascot Racecourse dress code and forms an integral part of the Ascot tradition. It is very important that all Members ensure that they and their guests adhere to this code.
  • Iron Stand and King Edward VII Members are asked to comply with the King Edward VII Enclosure dress cod
  • Queen Anne Annual and Queen Anne Members must comply with the Queen Anne Enclosure dress code.

For full clarification of the relevant dress codes, please visit the dress code section

Car Park Rules & Regulations

  • Car Parks One and Two are for cars only. We are unable to accommodate minibuses or oversized or commercial vehicles.

  • Please note that without the appropriate car park label displayed, cars will not be allowed into the Car Parks. Car Park labels remain the property of Ascot Racecourse Limited.

  • Access to Ascot Racecourse (which includes the Car Parks) is subject to the Ascot Rules and the terms and conditions of entry into Ascot Racecourse.

  • Cars are not permitted to remain in the car parks overnight. Cars left overnight may be towed away.

  • The usual elegant and uplifting behaviour expected of our Members inside the Racecourse should be replicated in the Car Parks. Drunkenness, rowdy behaviour or intimidating other Members, their guests and staff will not be tolerated.

  • Ascot Racecourse Limited reserves the right to inspect and/or search cars prior to entry to the Car Parks. If any customers or their guests do not agree to such inspection or searches when asked, they will be refused entry to the Car Park.

General Disclaimer

  • All cars are parked at the customer's risk. Ascot Racecourse Limited, cannot be responsible for ensuring the safety of cars or their contents within the Car Parks, 

  • Ascot Racecourse Limited, The Crown Estate, The Ascot Authority and Ascot Racecourse Estates Limited and their servants and agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any cars or their contents whilst on the Car Parks unless the loss or damage has been caused by their negligence.

  • Ascot Racecourse Limited, The Crown Estate, The Ascot Authority and Ascot Racecourse Estates Limited and their servants and agents shall not be liable for any death or injury to any person on the Car Parks except where such death or personal injury to persons is caused by their negligence or their deliberate act or omission.

  • The Ascot Authority may keep and retain a record of applications, together with Members' and related guests' behaviour and any breaches of these rules and any conditions governing entry to Ascot Racecourse generally. 

  • Members consent to the Ascot Authority holding and processing data relating to them for legal, enforcement and management purposes and, in particular, sensitive personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) relating to the Members and their guests.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification on any of these points, please do contact the Memberships at Ascot office by email [email protected]