Where To Place Your Bet

Where to Place Your Bet

Betting with Totepool
. Totepool kiosks are situated throughout the racecourse with decimal odds displayed on screen.
. A range of Totepool bets are available on each race with multi-race bets also on offer.
. Win (1st pass the post), Each Way, Exacta (1st and 2nd) and Trifecta (1st, 2nd and 3rd) are available on every race.
. The Placepot is the most popular bet where all you need is a placed horse in the first six races. You can even win without backing a winner.
How Totepool Betting Works
With Totepool you are not betting against a bookmaker. Your stake goes into a pool and how much you win depends on how many other winning tickets there are, just like the lottery.

How To Bet
Place a bet with Totepool by stating the number of the horse you wish to bet on and the amount you would like to bet. The minimum bet is £2 Win or £2 Each Way. For helpful tips on how to bet with Totepool watch this video courtesy of Great British Racing.

Betting Ring
There are several rows of individual bookmakers in front of the Grandstand, all clearly displaying the odds available on all horses in each race.

Each bookmaker displays their minimum stake and whether they are taking ‘Win only’ or ‘Win and Each Way’ bets. Traditional bookmakers display their odds as fractions.

How to bet
To place a bet, tell the bookmaker your stake on your chosen horse, and whether you want a ‘Win’ or ‘Each Way’ bet. For helpful hints on how to bet with a bookmaker, watch this video courtesy of Great British Racing.

Betting Shops – Fixed Odds
Winning Post will be operating a betting shop facility for us on the Concourse (by Core 2) within the Grandstand

Betfred operate a betting shop facility for on Level 4 of the Grandstand
Like ring bookmakers, odds are displayed as fractions

Several types of bets are available, including combinations such as Doubles and Trebles, and the minimum stakes vary

How to bet
To place a bet you use a betting slip and write the time of the race, the horse, your bet type and the amount you would like to put on. To claim winnings after the race, simply take your receipt back to the bookmaker you put the bet on with to collect your money.