Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps seek new Instructors & Funding


Parade, parade.. SHUN!

A new President, new Trustees, and enhancements to the activity programs have been announced by the Frimley and Camberley Cadet Corps. The new activity syllabus now includes Rock Climbing, Sail Training, and Skiing in addition to the traditional military skills of Shooting, Drill, Camping, Map Reading, First Aid, etc. The people changes follow the sad passing of former President Derek Franklin and resignation of the Commandant due to health and work issues. The new President is Mr. Robin Perry, a past Mayor of the Borough of Surrey Heath, a successful local businessman, and an ex FCCC cadet. He and Sunny Punn join fellow Trustees, Nigel Ferris (CEO), Alan Davey, Roger Fraser, and Errol Hutchins.

FCCC is one of the Borough’s oldest and most successful youth charities and is still going strong after more than 120 years. Those who started the Charity realized that the skills developed and implemented within the Armed Forces could prove to be very valuable to the younger generation as they move towards an independent future – a boost to self-confidence, leadership skills, discipline, problem-solving, first aid, and physical fitness have all proved interesting, exciting, and fun for the cadets. The formula has worked well, and the Charity has built an enviable reputation. Many past cadets have achieved successful careers in the Forces, Business, the Professions, and Community groups – and one was recently the Borough Mayor.

The Cadets – boys and girls between the ages of 6.5 years and 18 years come from many races and religions and sectors of the community. They belong to one of four age groups, a special needs group, and a Corps of Drums. They are supported by 12 professionally trained adult instructors, who all carry Safeguarding certificates. At a time when gangs and knife crime seem to be increasing, there has never been a better time to support local youth charities like FCCC. Its members, the cadets, love being part of a successful team, and our community benefits in general by having the Charity as part of its culture and infrastructure.

FCCC urgently needs more instructors (full training given – no formal military experience necessary) and funds (FCCC has an opportunity to purchase the freehold of its HQ - Caird Hall and we need to raise the money - please contact our President Robin Perry if you can help in any way via

New cadets are always made welcome – just make contact via

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