Events Research Programme FAQs

FAQs - Events Research Programme

Royal Ascot 2021 | A Government Research Pilot Event

What do I need to do ahead of attending Royal Ascot? 

There are 3 requirements for all attendees: 

1. Provide consent to attend Royal Ascot as part of the Events Research Programme and your contact details for the purposes of NHS Test & Trace and the Events Research Programme 
2. Provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test on arrival at Ascot Racecourse (on each day you are attending) 
3. Complete two covid-19 PCR tests; one the day before of the day of attending Royal Ascot, and one 5 days after your attendance at Royal Ascot

Why do I need to provide consent to be a part of the Events Research Programme? 

There are certain requirements of all attendees with Royal Ascot a designated Events Research Programme.  Here are further details on the research that will be conducted and your requirements as an attendee. 

How do I provide my consent? 

You will be sent an email from Ascot, with a link to click through to provide your consent.  

When do I provide my consent? 

Please complete the consent and personal information requests as soon as you receive these by email from Ascot Racecourse. 

Can I provide consent for my guests and friends attending? 

No, each attendee must provide their own consent, this cannot be done on someone’s behalf. 

What personal information do I need to provide? 

You will need to provide the following: 
Full name
Postal address 
Mobile number 
Date of birth 

What is this information used for? 

It is used for the following purposes: 

1. Send your PCR tests to you ahead of your attendance at Royal Ascot.  Please ensure you provide the address where you will be 3-4 days ahead of attending Royal Ascot to receive your PCR tests. This can be a hotel. 
2. For use by NHS Test & Trace should they need to contact you following your attendance at Royal Ascot 
3. For Ascot Racecourse to provide you with your digital ticket once your consent has been provided, your ticket will be sent to you to the email address given.  

Do I need to pay to have my lateral flow and PCR tests done? 

No, there is no cost to you for any of the tests required. 

Why do I need to take a lateral flow test? 

It is a requirement of entry to Royal Ascot to provide proof of a negative lateral flow test with Royal Ascot a Government Events Research Programme. No entry will be permitted unless proof is provided. 

How do I obtain a lateral flow test?

You have three ways to access lateral flow tests;
1. Order your test to be sent to your home address via the website
2. Pick up a lateral flow test from your local chemist, use the NHS test and trace website to find your nearest pick-up point
3. Go to your local community testing centre, use NHS test and trace website to find your nearest location

When do I need to take my lateral flow test? 

Please take your test within 36 hours of your arrival at Ascot Racecourse and report it within 24 hours of taking it. 

Why do I need to report a lateral flow test? 

When reporting the result of your lateral flow test you will receive confirmation via email and text message that your result is negative, it is this email that you will need to show on entry to Ascot Racecourse.  

How do I report my lateral flow test?

Please click here to report your lateral flow test within 24 hours of taking it.

What if I have a positive lateral flow test? 

A positive result from a Lateral Flow Device means it is likely that you had coronavirus when the test was done. Attendees and anyone they live with must not attend Royal Ascot and self-isolate immediately. Attendees are then advised to get a home PCR test (a test that is sent to a lab) to confirm their result as soon as possible. 

Can I still attend Royal Ascot if I have a positive lateral flow test? 

No, there is strictly no admittance unless you have proof of a negative lateral flow test.  

Why do I need to take PCR tests? 

The PCR test results will inform the work of the Events Research Programme and support the plans to bring spectators back to sporting and entertainment events. 

How will I get my PCR tests? 

Your PCR tests will be sent to the address you provide to us as part of your registration.  You will receive these from Royal Mail and will be notified when they are due to be delivered. You can request your PCR tests to be delivered to a hotel if you are staying away from home ahead of Royal Ascot. 

How many PCR tests do I need to do? 

You will need to take 2 PCR tests, both tests will be sent to you by Royal Mail in one delivery. 

When do I take my PCR tests? 

You will need to take 1 PCR test before arriving at Royal Ascot, either on the day before you attend, or the morning of your attendance.  If you are attending for more than one day, you will need to take the first test on the day before or the day of your first day at Royal Ascot, and the second one 5 days after the last day of your attendance. 

How do I take my PCR tests? 

Within the PCR test you are sent will be full instructions on how to take your tests. 

What do I do with my PCR tests once I’ve taken them? 

You will be provided with two prepaid envelopes to return each PCR test after you have taken them.  These must be posted by in a Royal Mail priority post box, to find your nearest post box click here
My PCR kit did not arrive directly to my home before Royal Ascot – what do I do?

Go online to the website and order another one and take it as close as possible to attending Royal Ascot or 5 days after as applicable.

I have more than one PCR kit at home, as I ordered one from the government website and then a pack of 2 PCR’s also arrived, which one should I take?

Use the pack of 2 which arrived to your home directly from Test and Trace and take one on the day of attending Royal Ascot and one 5 days after attending Royal Ascot. In both cases use a royal mail priority post box. Your nearest priority mailbox can be found here.

There is not a priority post box near me, can I post in a normal post box?

No. You need to use one of the 35,000 Royal Mail priority post boxes, or arrange a free home collection by calling 119 (free from mobiles and landlines) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Or in Scotland call 0300 303 2713 (charged at your standard network rate).  You can find your nearest priority post box here

Will I receive my PCR tests? 

Yes, you will receive the results of your PCR tests. 

Can I attend the event if I live or work in an area currently identified/undergoing Covid 19 Surge Testing?

Yes; however, you will need to complete the testing regime to enable you to attend Royal Ascot and any surge testing you have been invited to participate in. Participation in surge testing does not exempt spectators from event testing. The event testing cannot replace testing as part of surge testing.

I have had one or two doses of the vaccine; do I still need to get tested? 

Yes. Testing is a requirement of attending this event and you should follow the protocol regardless of whether you have received the vaccine or not.  

While COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to reduce the likelihood of severe illness for those who have received them. It is still possible to catch the virus even if you have been vaccinated. We do not yet know for certain by how much they reduce the likelihood of a vaccinated person spreading.

Social Distancing, Travel & Guest Code of Conduct

Will social distancing be in place for the event? 

You will be asked to be socially distanced in the queueing area outside Royal Ascot, prior to entering only. Once inside the racecourse social distancing is not required.

Will attendees need to wear a face covering? 

Attendees will be asked to ensure that face coverings are worn outside Royal Ascot.  Once inside the venue face coverings do not need to be worn.

Will the sale of alcohol be permitted in the venue? 

The sale of alcohol will be permitted.

Will food and drink be available? 

Yes – food and drink will be available.

How should I travel to the Event? 

No matter how you travel, plan ahead and allow more time for your journey. There is  comprehensive transport information here to help you plan your visit. You should try to travel at quieter times and take less busy routes where possible. 

If using public transport, you should regularly sanitise your hands, wear a face covering unless you are exempt, and social distance where possible. It is a legal requirement that, unless exempt, you must wear a face covering on public transport and inside transport hubs, e.g. train stations. You could be fined £200 minimum if you do not comply. If travelling by car, you should avoid sharing a car with anyone outside of your household or support bubble. If this isn’t possible, you should open the windows, wear a face covering unless exempt and leave seats free to social distance. Royal Ascot has car parking available at no cost.


What personal data will be collected from attendees in order to attend Royal Ascot? 
Personal data collected includes first name, last name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number, gender, postcode and email address. 

Who is collecting my data?

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) will collect certain personal data as data controller for the purposes of the Events Research Programme. This data will be processed by DCMS in accordance with the Events Research Programme Privacy Notice.

Your name and email address will be shared with Ascot so that they can provide you with your tickets and email you with information about Royal Ascot. They will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policies which you can find here.

What will happen if attendees do not provide this data? 

If attendees do not provide consent to be a participant in the Events Research Programme and to provide their data, they will not be able to attend Royal Ascot.  No tickets will be sent to attendees until their consent is provided.