Our response to COVID-19

Our first priority is always the safety and health of our people. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have put in place a range of measures across our operations to best protect our employees, partners, contractors, guests and local community.

These include the early introduction of travel restrictions, strict limitations and controls on who can attend our site and the introduction of work-from-home arrangements for our employees.

We have introduced many steps to keep our site safe, including communication of key protective measures; health screening processes; social distancing protocols, signage and floor markings; safe working practices; good hygiene practices; installation of hand hygiene stations; enhanced cleaning regimes and provision of suitable PPE.

We have undertaken numerous Covid-19 risk assessments that are under constant review and we assess and approve all risk assessments conducted by contractors working on our site to ensure approaches are aligned and safe.

During the crisis, we have also sought to play our part in supporting our local community, charities and importantly the NHS. Find out more here.

We have successfully delivered several race meetings and non-raceday range of Events at Ascot. Rest assured safety will always be at the heart of our careful and considered planning and decision making. Throughout we will be working closely with our industry colleagues, sporting authorities and government to ensure compliance with all necessary requirements.